Pasifika Rarotonga

Kia orana! Ngāmetua Areai’iti from Mangaia, Kuki Airini show Saturdays 5pm – 6pm

Ngāmetua Areai’iti – Mangaia, Cook Islands

The Pasifika Kuki Airini show started in 1998 and was originally co-hosted with Mama Nina Webb for the Kuki Airini community with Samoa and Fiji fanau. When Mama Nina left in 1999 to teach at the Pasifika pre-school Papa Tom Webb took over the show and with help from their two children who became studio technicians, served as the Announcer with 21 years service to the Pasifika media community. In 2019 fellow Mangaia co-host Ngametua Areai’iti arrived in time to farewell Papa Tom who retired in 2020.

Join Ngāmetua Areai’iti on Saturdays from 5pm to 6pm with Whanganui Kuki Airini local news and events from the Pacific.